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True Pro
Custom Skate
Precision Crafting
Precision crafted for your feet - not the shelf
The first of its kind, the TRUE Pro Custom Skate delivers power, fit, and performance.
Enjoy the PRO treatment and experience the TRUE difference with our best-in-class fit.
The Fit Experience
Our custom skate building process begins at one of our authorized TRUE Custom Skate Fit Centers.
To ensure your custom skate provides maximum comfort and fit, your foot will be scanned while in the optimal skating position.
Your 3D anatomic scans will be submitted to our TRUE skate headquarters in Canada.
Your Second Skin
Using your 3D scan, we’ll build a custom last for each foot, where a foam-like layer will seal the entire mold like a second skin.
A heated thermoplastic layer will be formed to wrap your unique foot shape followed by a carbon fiber layer to complete the one-piece boot structure.
Pro-grade components – tongue, eyelets, embroidery – will be installed with precision.
Your skates are packaged and sealed with a letter of authenticity and shipped out.
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How Do We Build The
True Pro Custom Skate?
Player Benefits
Lightweight, one-piece boot yielding more direct power transfer in every stride
Custom-built from the inside out for best-in-class fit
High performance, pain-free skating experience
Optimized stability, control, and superior glide
Player Benefits
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